Supporting Key Stage 1 & 2

At school Keystage 1 and 2 children increasingly learn through an integrated curriculum, meaning what they’re learning at that particular moment may incorporate many threads at once under one unifying theme. For example, during a term they may study the Great Fire Of London, encapsulating English, history and geography, but also art and even maths by setting number challenges based around the theme. It is this method that characterises Packme’s children’s packs, where we design packs around specific characters and themes that then allow us to explore that theme through innovative and captivating activities and strong, interesting characters.

It’s by adopting these guiding principles, and regularly listening to educational professionals, that we believe that our packs are second to none for creativity, engagement and fun.

Engaging & Educating Young People

Here at Packme, we believe that the packs we create should be educational as well as fun. To ensure we do this right we talk to head-teachers, teachers and school governors about how best to achieve this while incorporating the requirements of Keystage 1 and 2.

It is because of this guidance from educational professionals that you’ll not find any of our packs attempting to replicate a lesson, or talk in a condescending manner to children. Instead, our packs aim to complement the classroom environment by adopting the principles of kinaesthetic learning; learning by doing.

How We Incorporate Learning Through Our Design

The activities and puzzles we design are aimed at engaging with children through fun in a factual, stimulating manner that often incorporates friendly, positive role models in the form of the characters and a narrative thread. In a typical activity pack children are offered the opportunity to play with letters and sounds to support phonics, investigate numbers and number patterns, and develop hand-eye co-ordination through colouring, drawing and mazes. Games that require additional players encourage logical thinking and social skills through being a team player, while some of our word-based games help children read for meaning to develop comprehension skills.

However, at no stage are the children aware of this learning because it’s not presented as a lesson - that’s not why they’ve been given the pack. They’ve been given the pack to entertain them, and a good pack, with plenty to read, do, discover and share, delivers this learning through the engagement with that child. Children learn through play, and our packs achieve this by stimulating them with creative thinking, problem solving, clear and readable activities, and engaging characters.

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