How do children’s packs increase repeat visits?

If your business is based on family dining, you will need to read this!

Families who dine out with young children, know how stressful it can be. But if you can help by making the experience in your restaurant easier for the parents or guardians, you will gain their undivided loyalty for years to come!

How do you do this?

Simple, by occupying and entertaining the children! Now we are not saying that you should put on your best clown outfit, or work on your magic tricks. No, you are best dealing with the important things that need attending to in your business.

We are saying that you should leave it up to us, to create something that will keep them happy and content (and hopefully quiet), so that the whole dining experience is an enjoyable one.

Did you know, that children are the single biggest factor, as to where families dine? Yes, the children themselves! And if they like where you go to eat, then that’s half the battle.

So, what do we do?

Well, we are experts at creating children’s activity packs, and things that keep children entertained or busy, when families are dining out, or travelling.

Whether it is themed to your particular brand, or just a standard ‘off the shelf’ pack, we do it all, from initial designs, to the finished article. 

What is the first thing you need before creating a children’s pack?

To create your own kid’s pack all you need is an idea on how you want the pack to look and your branding, we can do the rest. Once we speak to you and figure out how you want it to look, we can pass on all information to our design team and get the pack created. Whilst this is being done, we can work with you deciding what goes in the pack and before you know it you’ll have the finished product.

What makes a good children’s pack?

A good pack will keep the children entertained for around 20-40 minutes and the more involved ones can last up to an hour. These packs will have to contain more than just a book and pencils. If you have a booklet, stacker crayon, stickers, games, toys and maybe even a hat you will have your young customers coming back again and again.

How does a good children’s pack keep families wanting more?

If the whole family can find a restaurant that makes everyone happy then you will have their loyalty for life. Let us be completely honest, you want repeat business, don’t you! Not just ‘one off’ dining.  A children’s pack is a huge factor in a family’s dining experience, and if they enjoy their time with you, they will always come back for more.

Just think for a moment, is a few pence spent on children worth doing to boost your business?

If you do not have a children’s pack in your restaurant or waiting area or even on your trains then you are missing out on a simple trick to keep your customers wanting more! Get in touch today to find out more information.

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