Art Cases for Harrods

Promotional merchandise is an excellent way to spread brand awareness. Our experience of customised and branded products spans over 30 years, we work very closely with clients to develop new concepts into real products.

We have just manufactured these art cases for Harrods and they are very happy with the finished product.

These high quality wooden cases are branded with the Harrods logo and house pens, pencils, rulers – the works!

Art Cases prove the perfect introduction to art for both adults and young children, they make great gifts too.

The contents are completely up to you. Whether you chose to incorporate watercolours, oil paint, crayons or felt tip pens, an art case is the ideal starting point.

For Kids

If you are creating art cases for kids, we suggest including products suitable for younger and older children.

Be sure to include felt tips pens, colouring pencils, a paint palette with a few paint brushes, crayons, a ruler, a sharpener, a rubber and a glue stick.

For Adults

If you are creating an art case for adults, its best to include a more complex range of utensils. We recommend including various paint brushes, a pencil, a sharpener, a rubber, pastels, oil paint, acrylic paint, water colour pencils, a small wooden palette and a few palette knives.

Get in touch with us today if you’d like more information about branded art cases. Alternatively, you can view our promotional projects page here.

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