Card Games - Branded with your logo & theme

A fun and exciting way to entertain and engage the whole family whilst advertising your brand.

Packme manufacture bespoke card games for many of our clients, some form part of a children’s activity pack whilst others have been supplied as an individual product to support a particular promotion or campaign. Card games are an excellent way to engage and entertain the individual or a group, educational too, encouraging memory and numeracy skills. By incorporating either characters that our design team have created or ones that already form part of our customer’s individual branding, they are an effective way to promote brand awareness as the packs are often retained and reused time and again. 

Game variations include;

Snap (also known as Slapjack)

This well-known card game can often be a child’s first introduction to playing cards. The object of the game is to win all of the cards and can be played by 2 players or more.

Matching Pairs

Another example of a simple card game for younger children but also enjoyed by older children and adults too. Excellent for exercising your memory skills for 1 player or more.

Old Maid

A fun card game for 2 players or more – gradually forms pairs with the cards in your hand but don’t get left with the Old Maid!

Go Fish

An exciting card game for the whole family, collect the most sets of 4 cards and you’re the winner. Can be played by 2 players or more.

Top Trumps

A game of skill and wits for 2 players or more, by using your card character’s values to their optimum to win your opponents cards. Fun for all the family!

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