4 Tips for Creating a Bespoke Activity Pack

There are so many things to consider when it comes to branding your activity packs! We know it can be difficult choosing the best path to follow, so, we’ve rounded up our top 4 tips for creating a bespoke activity pack. Let us know what you think!

Tip #1

Know Your Audience

Creating a bespoke activity pack isn’t always as easy as you may think. In order to create an activity pack worth shouting about, you’ll need to understand your audience. Children are very complex, with a variety of different needs, especially young children. Considering the age range of your audience is crucial! With young children, the aim is to keep them engaged, with older children, we choose to incorporate more puzzles and problem-solving activities to support their school learning.


Tip #2

Consider Your End Goal

What is the purpose of your activity pack? Are you giving it away as a memento? Are you teaching kids about a chosen topic? Perhaps you just need to keep them busy for a period of time? Whatever the end goal is, having an objective always proves beneficial – especially when it comes to designing activities and accessories.  We always design activity packs with ‘The 3 E’s’ in mind: to engage, entertain and educate. We’ve chosen these as our three basic aims when producing activity bags for clients.


Tip #3

View Samples

We always send samples to clients looking to brand their activity packs. We’ve produced a vast range of kid’s packs over the years, and we want our clients to see the full extent of our capabilities. We encourage our clients to trial the activity packs with kids to find out which they favour. If you’re looking to brand your activity packs, you can request samples here.


Tip #4

Refresh Your Packs

It’s always a good idea to refresh your activity packs every so often. This keeps things interesting for the kids visiting your establishment, especially if you have a higher rate of repeat visits.

For more information about bespoke activity packs, visit our bespoke page. Get in touch with us at any time to discuss your ideas and branding.

Artwork & Illustration

Packme’s illustrators are always on hand to create completely unique artwork for your activity packs. Read about our design services here.

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