Answers to Your Top 5 Most Frequently Asked Children's Pack Questions

We listen to all of our customers and have noticed that there are a few things that everyone asks so we thought it would be easier to answer them here for anyone to read.

What are the lead times?

When manufacturing branded kids’ activity packs, generally they are produced in the Far East for cost reasons. Therefore from the date of when the artwork has been completed and approved the lead times are approximately 12 weeks to receive them in to the UK.

What is the minimum order quantity?

The minimum order quantity for branded kids’ packs is 5,000 units.

Can we have more than one design?

Yes, you can have more than one design for your kids’ packs, but please keep in mind that the artwork is chargeable for each design, so for example if you had two designs mixed within a box you will be charged for both sets of artworks to be completed. For each design you will also receive a tooling charge. This is for the origination, films and plates used to create your branding. This is only chargeable the first time we print your packs, so is a set up cost. The tooling only becomes chargeable for new designs – Not for re-prints.

What comes within a branded pack?

You can choose anything to create your very own branded kids pack, we work to budget so these packs can be as involved as you would like them to be. We are happy to supply samples which helps to give you inspiration for your activity pack.

Can we see a design before commitment?

It is always nice to see a visual of what the potential pack could look like before committing to having them created. We usually supply a set of rough’s which is the very first visual design of your pack. These are hand drawn by our team of illustrators. There is a nominal charge for these rough’s to be created. This covers the time involved to create them. If you then decide to go ahead on the kids packs this money is refunded to you or taken off the total cost of the order.

We hope that this is helpful for some of you but if you have any more questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Call us on 01753 655344 or email us at

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