Choose from different types of material for your Activity Pack

It is very important to choose a bag that suits your business best. Whether you are all about saving the planet and want to use either card or material over plastic, or if you like the simple and classic recyclable polythene bag.

Polyethene Bags

This is the classic bag that has been around for years. It is very easy to brand and make your own. It is small enough to hold an activity book, along with colouring supplies and sometimes even a little toy depending on your preference. They are strong and unlikely to break, and recyclable.

Paper Bags

This is an ecofriendly option; however, it is not as strong as polythene, but it holds everything you need and is environmentally friendly. The fact that it is paper as well allows you to leave the designs on the bag blank so that the kids can colour it how they like.

Cardboard Bags

The card bag is a very good option, it is strong, holds everything you could want. Along with it being easy to carry it is also easy to brand and make it look very different from others on in the marketplace. 

Paper with Twist Handles

The paper bag with Twist handles is a very simple yet stylish bag very similar to the bags that many high street stores use. You can design it how you like, have a coloured bag or a simple white or brown one. It is up to you!


Finally, the drawstring bag. This is generally the more expensive bag that you could choose but probably the best, as it can be used again and again. This is a bag for life. The kids can use it when they go to school, the beach or even the shops it does not matter. They can put their toys or books in and a strap it to their back. Again, it is easy to design and brand to your own design.

So, we know there is a lot to choose from but simply take a look at the images and read the descriptions. Think about what would work best for your brand and business and then you will have your answer. Contact us today to get a quote on making your own kids packs with a bag of your choice.

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