Crayons: What you need to know

Did you know that by the time you turn ten years old, you will have used approx. 720 crayons?!
I bet you also didn’t know that the aroma of crayons is one of the most recognisable scents adults smell. A study carried out at Yale University, Connecticut, has found that the smell of Crayola ranks 18th on the list of recognizable scents, just ahead of peanut butter and coffee. It’s no surprise that almost 3 billion Crayola Crayons are manufactured every year. Crayons are everywhere.

Big Blue (by Crayola), is the largest crayon in the entire world. In order create Big Blue, children from around Easton, PA, donated their blue crayons to Crayola. With all of 123 thousand Crayons they received, Crayola created a crayon that weighs a staggering 1,500 pounds. Big Blue is 15 feet in length, and 16 inches in diameter.  Crazy, we know.

Most companies who work with children provide crayons as they aren’t toxic, sharp or messy and safe for all children to use.

Packme cottoned on to this long ago, which is why we offer multi-coloured stacker crayons and classic assorted crayons in boxes of 100. 


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Please note: Our crayons are marked with all the relevant CE warnings.

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