Kids Activity Packs – Meet Our Family (8)

Our off the shelf children’s activity packs really are second to none, Packme offer nine Fun-tastic designs, suitable for boys and girls. Choose a completely different design mix each time you order, or why not have all of them?  By ordering a multi-bundle you will receive all nine designs. 

Wild West Wes  

What’s included?

  • Easy grip, multi-colour stacker crayon
  • Themed stickers
  • 12-page activity/colouring book
  • All packed in a printed recyclable bag

Who’s inside?

  • Wild West Wes – Wild West Wes is the leader of the pack. He keeps the Wild West safe by scaring off criminals and outlaws using his handy Water Pistol and Lasso. Wes is also a keen horse rider!
  • Little Wolf – Little Wolf also defends the Wild West from Bandits, but he uses a different approach. Little Wolf is terribly clever. He comes up with ideas that will hinder the Bandits before they have a chance to do wrong. He keeps his brain healthy and active by playing games of Sudoku in his free time.
  • Little Flower – Little Flower is Littles Wolf’s feisty younger sister. She has no time for outlaws and likes to stay one step ahead of them, with the help of her trustee bow and arrow.
  • Greypaws – Greypaws is the group’s shared pet. The trio often use him to sneak attack the outlaws.
  • Big Black Jack – Big Black Jack is a Bandit currently hiding in a mine. He has a hunger for gold and will do whatever is necessary to get his hands on it. In his eyes, he is above the law.

How to buy

Packs are supplied in boxes of 100 bags, there are three different designs within each box. Wild West Wes is included in our design mix No.3

For more information on this product or to place your order click here. Product Code: PM3201

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