Kids Activity Packs – Meet Our Family (9)

The last, but by no means the least in our range of off the shelf activity packs for children. Packme have developed the characters and activities that feature in our packs to engage, entertain and educate.  

The Worlds Weirdest Superheroes

Who’s inside?

  • Dave Squiggly/Super Kid Squid – Dave Squiggly comes from the depths of the ocean. He possesses the ability to breathe underwater and perform ink attacks!
  • Bernadette Cook/The Fantastic Flaming Nora – Flaming Nora certainly knows how to turn the heat up on villains! She possesses the ability to control heat and shoot fireballs!
  • The Stupendous Snail-Lad/Barry Foot – Snail-Lad is faster than a slug, and even stronger than two slugs! His superpowers include climbing walls, super-snail speed, he even has an impervious shell.
  • Miss Cupcake/Melissa Sugartop – Miss Cupcake is the sweetest and most courageous cake in the world!
  • Sue Doku/Sue Perdooper – Stuck with a number puzzle? Never fear – Sue Doku’s here! Her ability is being able to complete ANY Sudoku puzzle she’s faced with.
  • The Amazing Photocopy boy/Carl Boncopy – Never without a friend, Photocopy Boy can make duplicates of himself.
  • The Extraordinary Captain Hide & Seek – She kind find anything, anywhere, anytime and for anyone.

How to buy

Packs are supplied in boxes of 100 bags, there are three different designs within each box. The Worlds Weirdest Superheroes is included in our design mix No.3

For further information on this product or to place your order click here. Product Code: PM3201

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