New Activity Packs: Introducing Ocean Protectors for Rockfish

Rockfish is a chain of seafood restaurants along the coast of England. We are very excited to share with you Rockfish’s brand-new activity packs. These packs are themed around cleaning up our oceans. Single use plastic has an extremely damaging effect on our ocean life, Rockfish wanted to educate children about the harmful factors of plastic and encourage them to take the necessary steps to decrease the amount of plastic in our ocean.


This activity pack include

  • Booklet & Stickers
  • Pencils
  • Biodegradable Rubbish Bag
  • Puzzle
  • Ocean Protector Wristband 
  • Playing Cards

These products are all contained in a cotton drawstring bag. All items are either biodegradable or reusable.

Rockfish absolutely love their new activity packs, and we are very impressed with the finished result.

Bespoke activity packs have proven time and time again to be a useful marketing tool. Get in touch with us today to discuss branding your activity packs or view our design service and branded packs pages here.

Eco-Friendly Activity Packs

If you’re interested in switching to a more environmentally friendly activity pack – you’ve come to the right place! We are encouraging our customers to move away from poly bags and single use plastic products, check out some of our top tips below.

#1 Bag Options

There are many alternatives to plastic activity bags, with the most common switch being plastic to paper, but you can also go for a more upmarket look with a fabric bag.

#2 Items

It’s best to avoid single use plastic items within your activity pack. This may seem difficult, but there are many solutions available to you. For instance, swap out your plastic wrist band for a ribbon, include a wooden puzzle as opposed to a plastic slide puzzle.

#3 Crayons or Pencils?

Stacker Crayons aren’t as bad as they can be reused and taken home. If you did however want to completely avoid plastics, boxed pencils and crayons are another excellent choice.

Get in touch with us with us today for a full consultation on eco-friendly activity packs.

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