October is here for Kids Activity Packs!

Why not get in touch with our team today and talk about bringing an Autumn or Halloween special kids pack to your business, whether that be a restaurant, coffee shop, ice cream parlor or even a museum.

Reason for having a kid’s pack:

No matter what type of business you have a kid’s pack is a great way to keep families returning for more. As I bet you didn’t know that kids are the main decision makers in families when it comes to where to dine. So simply make life easier and keep the kids entertained when enjoying a family meal.

Designing the packs:

If you have an idea for what you want the theme to be or what type of characters you want in your kids pack then just give us a call or email.  Then we will chat to our designer and get some rough ideas together for you.

However, if you don’t know what you want in them you can either let our designer create something for you or why not just stick to something simple like the season? Then each family knows that when they come back at Christmas or summer there will be a new pack for the kids to explore.


Create something fun that the kids will enjoy maybe something about the weather changing or Halloween coming up. We have a Witches & Wizards pack that would work perfectly for this time of year! Add puzzles, stickers, games and any other small items you can think of to interest the kids and you will have them coming back for every season, including special holidays such as Easter, Bonfire Night and maybe even things like a Mother’s & Father’s Day special!

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