The spookiest activity pack of them all!

The Perfect Pack Halloween Activity Pack

Witches & Wizards is jam packed with exciting activities to occupy children this Halloween. With so much going on, our activity packs are an easy and simple way to keep the kids entertained.

Halloween is quickly approaching, so if you’ve forgotten to plan something for your younger guests…fear not! All orders are delivered next day, and Saturday delivery is also available.

Your Own Competition

Gretchen is planning to create a magical creature and is seeking your help! Why not start up a competition amongst the kids to see who can create the best creature - reward them with sweets! This is a great way to encourage creativity & hard work!

What’s included in this pack?

Activity Booklet: Puzzles, Colouring – the works!

Stacker Crayon: 7 colours in one neat & tidy crayon!


Who's inside?

Finley: Finley is the newest wizard in the team. He is determined to be the best, and practices his wizarding skills every day to make sure he stays on top!

Flora: Flora the witch is skilled in making potions out of flowers!

Wilbur: Wilbur is a marvellous magician! He is one of the oldest wizards (and wisest) around.

Our activity bags have enough room for you to add your own treats inside too. Many of our customers choose to add bubbles, curly straws, toys – even cake! Some go the extra mile and create an entirely bespoke activity pack with us. You can find out more about branded kids packs here.

Head straight over to our online shop today to place your order, or alternatively, feel free get in touch with us to place your order.

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